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Riva Aquarama Special: a legendary boat

A mythical boat

The Special Aquarama, the longest and most powerful wooden Riva, has built its legend in the Mediterranean, and more particularly in Saint-Tropez!

It is in a way the little brother of the Riva Aquarama, presented in 1962. Ten years later, the Riva Aquarama Special made its appearance in Saint-Tropez.

rent Riva Aquarama Spécial Saint-Tropez
Riva Aquarama Special in Saint-Tropez

In the collective memory, these boats keep an ideal image, fantasized, between classic and contemporary; it is the stars' boat with sparkling chrome and varnished mahogany.

An asset of the Riviera

It is not uncommon to find Aquarama moored close to each other on the Riviera: these boats continue to inspire walkers from Saint-Tropez to Monaco. These rare "retro" jewels are for the most part held by passionate collectors. But it is still possible to rent some for the day!

The Riva shipyard, bought in 1988 by Rolls Royce, one can safely claim that the Riva Aquarama is the Rolls Royce of the seas.

In February 1995, the production of the last seven Riva Aquarama Specials was announced in a limited and therefore numbered edition. The last six copies find their owners almost instantly, the n ° 784 is the last boat of the factory. It was therefore from 1996 that the Rivas became collector's items. At the end of 2011, an Aquarama Special "Latest Series" made its appearance and came at a record price of $ 975,000.

Le mysterious number 774

Experts say it is THE last new Aquarama Special sold. But the last series comprising only seven copies numbered from 778 to 784: what is this number 774?

rent Riva Aquarama Spécial Saint-Tropez

Just before the end, a wealthy Riva enthusiast demanded that he be given a new Riva Aquarama Special at all costs, and the yard therefore executed a last-to-last model.

As in art, it was out of the question to add a copy to a very limited edition. We therefore spotted in the lists, an order n ° 774 which was abandoned because the customer did not pay the deposit. This number forgotten in a register will therefore have been used to complete the register without violating ethics.

Today, despite a survival rate of the 278 Riva Aquarama Specials built in 1972, this symbol of achievement remains the most luxurious, expensive and sought after of all Mahogany Rivas.

A boat still appreciated

Today the Riva Aquarama Special in Saint-Tropez is one with the sky, the sun and the sea. The Aquarama Special has become a legend with all its refined details, its perfect finish and its performance.

Despite the rarity of this masterpiece - you can charter a Riva Aquarama Special in Saint-Tropez with Saint-Tropez Yacht Charter.

Today, they are even the subject of very luxurious models.

rent riva aquarama Spécial Saint-Tropez

Take advantage of being part of the history of a historic boat for a moment and sail along the coasts of Saint-Tropez and its Gulf; mythical too.

Find the Riva Aquarama Special for rent in Saint-Tropez by clicking on this link.

If you prefer the Riva Aquarama, it's over here.


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