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Gulf of Saint-Tropez islands : guide of a wonderfull boat day rental !

Updated: May 15, 2021

Island of Porquerolles

Porquerolles or the Île de Porquerolles is an island in the Mediterranean Sea located just off the coast of France near Hyères.

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There are three islands in this little group, but Porquerolles is the biggest and the best known. The island has a wonderful climate—300 sunny days a year, mild winters, and hot summers with a nice, cool breeze.

Porquerolles greets you with a storybook magic that needs no glitz. Its sweeping white beaches and limestone cliffs frame a sanctuary of oak and pine trees teeming with chirping cicadas, wild herbs, sprawling eucalyptus, and the occasional fig tree.

The best way to set off to the island of Porquerolles is by yacht. Our Princess V55 is going to be your true companion during this spectacular voyage.

With your friends or with family, you will be surrounded by care and attention. There will find an accommodation a family with two children. Of course, the Princess V55 is accompanied by a captain and he will tell a story about the life of the island.

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Swiftly crossing the sea, our guests may have a light lunch with a glass of champagne and bask in the sun under the rays of the sun. Our recommendation: sink into the languorous rhythm of the island’s idyllic nature! If you find the cruise too calm, then we have many ways to make it livelier. There are sea bobs, paddles and snorkeling tools on the board.

Our journey starts at the port of Saint Tropez and then we make a stop at Cap Taillat and visit the islands of Hyères.

Cap Taillat

Let us make our first stop! Such a bliss to forget about hectic!

At the southern end of the Gulf of St Tropez lies a sandy isthmus surrounded by nature. A place to escape the glitz of the Côte d’Azur and enter an untamed paradise.

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Cap Taillat is somewhat of a local secret. Accessible only by foot or boat, it has escaped the development that shrouds many beaches along this stretch of the coast. Instead, it exists in its raw state, ideal for those seeking a more authentic experience in the South of France.


Are you ready to enjoy the untouched nature?

A forest island between intimate beaches and sheer cliffs.

Despite being the smallest of the three islands of the archipelago, it is the most mountainous. Both the island itself and surrounding waters have enjoyed National Park status for over 50 years.

Luxuriously covered in Alep pine forests and green oaks, the island has an exceptional diversity of aquatic wildlife. To find out more, put on your flippers and take the underwater path from the beach of La Palud !

As for divers, they will adore the Gabinière islet, the whole of which is a protected site. There, you can enjoy a diving simulation amongst the fish in an aquarium.

Île du Levant

This is our last stop. Are you a bit tired? Let us treat you with a delicious dinner!

The Island of Le Levant is situated to the east of the archipelago. It is covered in abundant vegetation, its strawberry trees being amongst the most beautiful in Mediterranean Europe. Visitors can follow sport and nature trails along marked paths.

Much of the island is a military zone and remains inaccessible: only the west side is open to the public. This area is occupied by Héliopolis, a world-renowned naturist commune extending for over 80 hectares !

We hope that you loved this little overview of these wonderfull places accessible by yacht, rib, catamarans or sailboat !

See you next week for a new adventure with Saint-Tropez Yacht Charter !


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