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34 800€ TTC /WEEK


18,00 m

4 cabins

12 passengers




80 liters /h


Fuel: 550 liters / h

Engine: 2 x 1800 hp

Passengers: 36 passengers

Cruising speed: 18 knots

Maximum speed: 22 knots


1 x tender

1 x Jet ski




Snorkeling equipment


Number of sleeping accommodation (s): 10

Explore Saint Tropez with the Azimut 100


Welcome to the world of nautical luxury in Saint-Tropez with our latest addition, the Azimut 100. Embark on an exceptional maritime adventure, combining sophistication, world-class performance and exclusive service. Discover the French Riviera like never before aboard this jewel of the sea.


Luxury redefined

Immerse yourself in opulence every moment aboard the Azimut 100. Elegant and spacious interiors welcome you, offering a perfect blend of Italian design and absolute comfort. Charter this yacht and treat your guests to a sailing experience where luxury meets perfection.

Stunning performance

The Azimut 100 offers much more than elegant lines. With exceptional marine performance, this yacht ensures smooth sailing, powered by powerful engines and cutting-edge technology. Experience the adrenaline of speed while savoring the incomparable comfort of the Azimut 100.

Saint-Tropez, vour playground

Explore the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean in style. Rent the Azimut 100 to discover the hidden treasures of Saint-Tropez, from secluded beaches to picturesque bays. Create unforgettable memories in the sumptuous settings of the French Riviera.

Tailor-made services

Our dedicated team is ready to exceed your expectations. From high-end equipment to personalized services, we do everything we can to make your experience aboard the Azimut 100 as exceptional as the destination itself.

Book Today

Seize the opportunity to live a nautical dream in Saint-Tropez with the rental of the Azimut 100. Book today and prepare for an adventure where luxury and exclusivity meet. Embark in style with the Azimut 100, your passport to moments of pure wonder at sea.

For any reservation requests or for more information, contact us now. Treat yourself to the ultimate maritime experience in Saint-Tropez with the Azimut 100.

For more information on features or equipment, please contact us.

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