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2 900€ TTC /DAY

17 400€ TTC /WEEK


11,50 m


12 passengers




130 liters /h


- Fuel: 500l / h

- Draft: -

- Crew: -

- Motor: 2 x 2640 hp

- Passengers: 12

- Size: 30.00 meters

- Speed: 27 knots



FERRETTI 1000: The pinnacle of nautical luxury in Saint-Tropez

Discover the pinnacle of maritime sophistication with the exclusive charter of the FERRETTI 1000 in Saint-Tropez. This yacht embodies ultimate elegance, marrying sumptuous design, exceptional performance and unparalleled versatility. Embark on an unforgettable experience where every detail of the FERRETTI 1000 transports you to a world of luxury at sea.

Elegance on a grand scale

On board the FERRETTI 1000, prepare to be dazzled by uncompromising elegance. From the refined interior spaces to the majestic exterior lines, each element has been carefully designed to provide an exceptional visual and tactile experience. You're not just renting a yacht, you're entering a floating work of art.

Excellent features

The FERRETTI 1000 is not just a boat, it is a statement of luxury. From spacious cabins to sumptuous lounges, every corner exudes opulence. State-of-the-art technical features ensure smooth and powerful sailing, while entertainment equipment guarantees maximum comfort at sea.

Exclusive excursions in Saint-Tropez

Explore Saint-Tropez in style thanks to exclusive excursions aboard the "FERRETTI 1000". From crystal clear waters to pristine beaches, every journey becomes a personalized adventure. Let yourself be guided by our experienced captains to iconic destinations and secret corners that only the French Riviera can offer.

Dive into an edream experience

Imagine yourself, on the deck of the "FERRETTI 1000", surrounded by the infinite blue of the Mediterranean Sea. You are at the heart of an experience where luxury, comfort and adventure meet harmoniously. Renting the "FERRETTI 1000" means not only traveling, but living the ultimate nautical dream.

Book your luxury marine escape

Take the opportunity to live an exclusive experience with the rental of the “FERRETTI 1000”. Book now and prepare to sail towards the infinity of possibilities. Saint-Tropez is waiting for you, and your new dream yacht, the “FERRETTI 1000”, is ready to create unforgettable memories.

For any reservation requests or for more information on our personalized itineraries, contact us. Embark in prestige with the "FERRETTI 1000" and transform each sea voyage into an experience worthy of the greatest adventurers.

For more information on features or equipment, please contact us.

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