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Cruise around Saint-Tropez !

How long have we been waiting for carefree summer?

No job, no study, no significant plans. It is just for two days, just like an instant flash of bliss. Let Saint-Tropez Yacht Charter make it full of pleasure and unforgettable moments!

We have chosen for you a 2-day cruise around Saint-Tropez on board of the

Princess V70, a 21-meter long yacht. Captain Bruno is going to lift the veil of

delight and joy. By the way, he is the most experienced local captain in Saint-

Tropez. He has devoted to navigating most of his life (about 25 years). He

knows this area like the back of his hand!

princess v70 yacht charter saint-tropez
Princess V70

The famous Princess V70 is every bit as dynamic as she sounds with the

capacity for speeds of over 35 knots. Her elegant profile provides you with

luxurious holidays. Does it sound tempting? It is just for 4000 €/ day.

The Princess V70 makes perfect use of her size to provide a lush space for

enjoying company or simply unwinding in total comfort. The yacht can

accommodate up to 12 guests at a time. There are 6 beddings for our dear


An exceptionally spacious deck saloon baths in natural light, accentuating the

fresh, refined styling, contemporary furniture and sumptuous fabrics. Below

deck, the generous accommodation is fitted to the highest standards.

For those that want to keep the adrenaline levels high, there are twin garages to

store a tender, or wetbike, easily recovered from the water using an electric

launch and retrieve system. We begin our two-day tour in Saint-Tropez harbor.

Captain Bruno will meet you at the Saint-Tropez office at 10:00 in the morning.

Early? Not at all. If it is, then an early bird catches a warm! We are on our way

to Pampelonne beach. It is perfect time to wake up and have a swim there.

Sparkling water, mild sun.

pampelonne beach saint tropez yacht charter
Pampelonne beach

What else do we need for relax? Fact: Pampelonne Beach that has been at the center of this glamorous scene since the 1950s.

Let us set off to Les Salins now.

If you are a little bit tired after swimming, you can relax on one of the aft deck sunbeds and enjoy a cocktail. The sea today is perfect for sailing. Waves are swaying idly, lulling you. Here is Les Salins.

Located around four kilometres east of Sainte-Anne, Les Salins beach, with its

1,200 metres of golden sand and perfect semi-circular shape, looks like

something from a picture postcard.

les salins beach saint tropez yacht charter
Les Salins beach

Les Salins is breathtaking, with miles of pine trees and glistening sand. Did you mention a brass statue of a brass naked woman there? Gunter Sachs, Brigitte Bardot’s ex-boyfriend, installed it in early 1960s.

If you feel a little bit hungry, we can offer you a very delicious menu. You can

taste it on our way to Canoubiers bay. We can see dolphins, jumping out of the

sea. So many splashes! We assure you that they are going to follow our boat.

What unbelievable photos you can take! Just imagine! We have reached our

destination! It is time to shake up! Let us bath.

Located on the southernmost part of the Gulf of Saint Tropez, the Baie des Canebiers is one of the most beautiful coves in the entire Cote d'Azur. The beach of Canebiers - the internal part of the bay - is composed of sand and about one kilometer long, from which you can enjoy a magnificent view of Saint Maxime and its promontories.

It is one of the favorite beaches of the local inhabitants. Fact: did you know that

Brigitte Bardot’s house is here?

After such an active pastime, let us eat at the beach restaurant Le Migon (we

have already booked you the table there). 

This restaurant is a hidden gem amongst all restaurants. Le Migon is an

authentic restaurant in Ramatuelle. The beach in front makes this setting

perfect. Feet in the sand and head in the stars. Staff are friendly and attentive.

le migon restaurant ramatuelle yacht charter
Le Migon

Food is simply delicious. This place is a must for fish and seafood lovers! Fish

branzino (or sea bass), dorado, lobsters, mussels, crabs, shrimps and many other

sea delicacies. And cool wine; it goes without saying! What else one can dream

of? Enjoy your meal with the view of the sea. You can see even a moored yacht

from here.

Time to visit L’Escalet beach. It is mere paradise: turquoise water, light breeze,

untouched nature, and silence. Shall we swim behind the Camarat Cape? Fact:

Up above the Cap, the Camarat lighthouse rises up at 180m tall.

It is the second- tallest lighthouse in France. Oh, those are people on their catamaran. Can you see them from here They are so tiny from here but seem to be happy!

We would like to show you around the Cap Taillat. Scenic, laid-back beaches

sheltered by rocky headlands. Stunning rocks? What magnificent view have the

nature created? Unbelievable!

escalet yacht charter saint-tropez
L'Escalet Beach

It was a long and fruitful day! Let’s continue our marvelous voyage

around Saint-Tropez next day! We are sure that there are more adventures

waiting for us!

I got hungry and you? We suggest we should go to the beach restaurant La

Guérite is on the island of Sainte Marguerite. It is an island of two magnificent

islands of the archipelago Lérins. It is an exceptional island where nature,

culture and relaxation join in total harmony.

As soon as you disembark, you will be captivated by the fragrance of pine and eucalyptus, as well as the richness of cultural and leisure activities available on the island. We can meet windsurfers here, too! Oh, and there you can watch people on sea scooters cleaving the sea!

What do you think about the restaurant? Oh, yes, it is quite difficult to book a

table there, as the restaurant is too famous. Thanks to Captain Regis who has

taken care of it beforehand. The restaurant is worth visiting as exquisite cuisines

are served there.

Now it is time to go back to Saint- Tropez. What a fantastic and fruitful day we

had! It takes us 55 minutes to reach the shore. Captain Bruno will treat you with

sweets and drinks on the way back with great pleasure.

The stewardess will be with you the whole journey! And she will take care of everything! You are definitely in right and experienced hands!


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