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Village of Saint-Tropez : The general view !

The magnificent Mediterranean village of Saint-Tropez is one of the popular

yachting destinations in the world.

This is a place to indulge in every aspect of chartering among exclusive private beaches, world-famous bars and restaurants; beaches : full of beautiful people.

Here is located Saint-Tropez Yacht Charter, a young high quality yachting agency. It guides you with its yachts and shows you around Saint- Tropez and other popular destinations nearby.

The company was grounded in 2006, keeping on living its name every year.

Originally, the agency was a yacht concierge. The most beautiful units on

the Côte d'Azur called on it during their stopovers in Saint-Tropez.

This experience is a guarantee of quality that offers to spend serene and organized


Saint- Tropez Yacht Charter possesses certainly a sailor's spirit and offers high-

quality services to its precious clients. Every yacht lives up to the client’s

expectations and needs, leaving unforgettable pleasant memories of the voy


It is not in vain.

The owner of the company, Régis Méléder, has been a large yacht captain since

1995. He started dealing with offering luxurious yacht services 17 years ago,

thus he has become an experienced manager in this sphere. Régis Méléder has

not only an exquisite taste in yachts but deep knowledge of their maintenance.

Even the most demanding client will remain pleased!

The yachts and little boats are generally based in Saint-Tropez Gulf, we also

propose yachts on all French Riviera, Corsica, Italian Islands, Balearic.

Any kind of boat is available:

  • Ribs

  • Small boats

  • Medium yachts open or with flying bridge

  • Large yachts of all brands

  • Sailing or motor catamarans

  • Monohull sailing yachts

These boats are always at your service. Some of yachts offer specific leisure

activities such as buoys, water skis, wakeboards, etc. The agency can provide

additional activities upon your request.

We maintain them all the year round abiding by all the rules and

regulations. Each boat is supplied with the experienced crew.

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